Windows are an essential design element of every property.. they need to combine aesthetics, performance and functionality. The position and proportion of any property’s windows is vitally important to successfully achieving stylish design whist maximising natural light, and surrounding views.

The clever use of materials, colours and finishes can help to create windows that are distinctive in their appearance, appropriate in their performance and unique to your property.

A wide range of materials

The variety of materials available will offer some important distinctions in terms of frame thickness, flexibility of unit sizes, variety of profiles available, cost and durability.

The strength of aluminium ensures that it can offer the option for supporting large pane sizes and a narrower frame profile than most other materials. It is light in weight and requires little to no maintenance. The design of modern system profiles ensures a good level of thermal efficiency.  Although the range of coatings is more limited than for some other materials, the resulting sharp looks can provide a very stylish finish to any property. A particularly popular material for glazed door systems.

A natural product that can be produced with a range of profiles and finishes that offer the greatest flexibility in overall look. Will typically create a warm yet robust and characterful appearance. Modern timber and coating technology ensures that maintenance is not the arduous task it that many perceive and whilst there is some requirement to maintain this product, durability is assured.

Combining the look and feel of timber, with the sharp external detailing and reduced maintenance requirement of aluminium. The full window frame is constructed in timber and then the aluminium pressings are affixed to the exterior. This product type is proving to be very popular in the bespoke new house market.

Often confused with aluminium clad windows, with this method the internal frame is made of timber and the opening element containing the glass is fabricated in aluminium. The clever use of ironmongery and weather seals offers the option for a more slender timber frame and consistent sight lines (dimensions) between differing elements within the system.

Steel windows offer the ultimate in decadent fenestration. The key to steel is its strength, enabling the thinnest possible frames for a window or door. The development of thermally broken steel profiles ensures that there is typically no sacrifice on thermal performance. It will come as no surprise to learn that steel windows are the most expensive, but the delicate beauty and durable performance should ensure that you will be well pleased with your purchase.

Window types

It is important to properly consider the type of windows to be used.  to ensure design criteria is achieved, functionality realised and the look of your windows communicate the style of your property.

Casement windows offer a variety of opening configurations. All opening outwards and usually side-hung, but also available as top or bottom hung to suit different applications. For many years opening out casements had dimensional restrictions to the basic hinges used but modern technology in hinge mechanisms now allows for much larger opening casements to maximise light coming into your home.

Tilt-turn windows are becoming exceedingly popular in the UK, predominately in the new build actor due to their many features. Available in large panes as single openers, this allows not only maximum light transmittance but excellent egress options and cleaning ability. Combined with the tilt-in operation providing secure ventilation at any floor level, this make this type of window and excellent all round choice.

Sliding sash, or vertical sliding sash windows, are at the foundation of some of the UK’s greatest architectural designs. A distinctive feature for many older properties, sash windows give that distinctive look to both period and modern developments, combining style, slim sections and ability to create large opening windows.

Shaped windows have been gaining increasing popularity within the self build sector to create distinctive features and help bring more natural light into large or deep rooms. These ore often fixed, but the technology exists to add some innovative options such as automatic opening and closing.)